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Should You Rekey Doors Or Change The Locks?

Many things affect people in commercial and residential properties, and some of them have to do with doors. You may have lost the keys to your home or business premises, and you need some changes. There are also instances when you break up with a partner who moves out or an angry employee that had a key to the business gets fired. In most situations like these, it is important to rethink the security of your residence or business premises. You can do a security upgrade and make some changes. 

Change Locks Or Rekey In Belevue

There are instances that you may have considered changing your locks for one reason or the other. If your locks are still intact, are of the best quality, and work well, you don’t have to change the locks. We can tell you more about how to rekey a door lock in Bellevue, WA. Rekeying is cheaper than changing the locks entirely.

It is important to evaluate the matter critically before making up your mind. Key2safe Locksmith can give you the needed guidance and help you with the service. Some locksmiths don’t advise you on rekeying and instead recommend only changing locks because it costs more which means a bigger profit for them. However, we explain the whole matter and give you the most reasonable option depending on the real situation on the ground. 

What Does It Mean To Rekey A Lock?

If you want to know more about rekeying residential door locks in Bellevue, you are in the right place. Rekeying is changing the working lock key to a different one without replacing the lock. This is to say that the same lock still remains intact, but the old keys cannot operate it anymore. This is usually done by taking the lock and replacing some parts within. We can replace the key pins or the tumblers. The pins within a lock usually correspond to the key pins, and when they are replaced, you will have to use new keys to operate the same lock. 

The procedure may seem a complex one, but it is quite basic and can take a couple of minutes to complete with a professional. With the right tools, we can also rekey commercial door locks in Bellevue. For a proper rekey to happen, it is essential that we first have the current key. If this is not available, we have to pick the lock and open it at an extra charge. 

Our locksmiths will look at the lock carefully and replace all the pins with new ones. If the older lock had five pins, we would replace them with five new ones. You still get the same level of security as you did before, but the older keys will not work anymore. If you intend to upgrade to a better security system, then a whole replacement can be a good idea. 

The key pins found within locks are low priced, which is why rekeying is a much cheaper alternative than changing the locks entirely. If you are worried about how much to rekey a door lock in Bellevue, WA, you should breathe easy because it is not that bad. To rekey doors, you only pay for the parts and the labor. 


Obviously, there are a lot of locksmith companies are working in this area, but Key2safe Locksmith is the best for any lock issues, 24/7.

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