Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmiths And What They Provide

Commercial locksmiths provide locksmith services for industrial and commercial customers. Most commercial locksmiths render residential services and can handle a wide array of security issues. Key2safe Locksmith renders such services offering solutions for commercial properties. 

When people mention locksmiths, we assume it is all about changing and opening locks. While this is true, we can still offer other services. We can handle and service key card systems. Master keys, digital locks, access control systems, and electronic locks.

What Key2safe Locksmith Provides

 If you are looking for a commercial locksmith in Bellevue, it helps to know a thing or two before making a choice. The whole blacksmithing art has been around for thousands of years and centuries. The capabilities and skills of locksmiths have changed. Locks and keys have evolved as well. 

Therefore, it is important to understand the kind of services that require a commercial locksmith and the one that should be left to a residential one. There are some services that we can offer you.

Commercial Locksmith Services

commercial door locksmith should have the knowledge and skills to handle different jobs. Usually, a commercial space requires very complex systems compared to private homes. This means you need to pick a locksmith familiar with all the security solutions needed in the commercial grade. This is the very reason why you contact key2safe locksmith. We deal with all security aspects, making us the best in the trade. 

Some of the devices that we install include access control systems, CCTV, alarms, security grills and gates, locks, safe services for your sensitive files, fire door installations, master key system, and so on. 

Master Keying Services

It is possible to hire our commercial locksmith in Seattle WA to give you a master key that can be used to lock all security systems within a commercial property. This eliminates the need to have a bunch of keys all the time. This can be a very good thing in a retail space that happens to be rather big.


When you enter new premises or when you want to upgrade the security system in your establishment, a commercial door locksmith can help you make changes to the whole locking mechanism. In such a case, you can consider rekeying. We can rekey the entire property and give you new keys that match all the reconfigured locks. This is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of changing locks without needing or uninstalling everything and then purchasing brand new locks. If you are concerned about the security of your business but the locks are still in great working condition, you can consider rekeying.

Door Services

There are instances when doors malfunction. Our locksmiths can work on them and ensure that they are back to the best working order. Our locksmiths can help replace hinges, closers, and door frames. We can also help with the installation of the same. There are so many areas we can cover, and by talking to us, we can demystify the whole process and evaluate your particular need. 


Obviously, there are a lot of locksmith companies are working in this area, but Key2safe Locksmith is the best for any lock issues, 24/7.

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