Business lockout services were designed to cater to times when you lock yourself out for one reason or another. Such lockouts can be a real pain. Anyone who has ever reached their storefront, office, or building complex and realized they could not access it can relate to this. This can happen when you lose your keys, lock them in, or the lock fail to work. Regardless of what caused the lock-out, it means you are wasting time and losing money in the process. If you are the business owner or the manager, you have the responsibility falling squarely on your shoulder, and you need to find a solution as fast as possible. 


What To Do In Case Of A Business Lock-out:


Extra key

At key2safe, we always recommend that you make extra keys to avoid this kind of situation. Having a spare key can be a real blessing. This prepares you well in advance. You should find that spare key and use or on the door. You can have someone keep the key in a safe place as long as you trust them. You could also have a lockbox somewhere within the property and store the key there. Don’t store it within the premises as that would not make any sense. 

Alternate Entry

You may try to find another way to get into the premises. However, ensure that you don’t cause even more damage when attempting to do that. You should check the windows and doors and see if any is unlocked. While breaking in is not a very professional thing to do, it could save you a lot of time if you manage to gain entry. If this is very easy to do, though, you should be concerned because it means another person could gain entry as well.

Call Key2safe Locksmith

It could be that you don’t have a spare key or could not gain entry in any other way. It could also be that your lock is jammed or a key broke inside. The security system could have failed, and the only way to handle the situation is to bring in a professional to handle the matter for you. In such a case, a business lockout service in Bellevue is the best way to go. Finding a professional can ease things up, and you don’t have to waste too much time trying things that may not work. 

When we get to your premises, we will remedy the problem as fast as possible so that you can get back to work. Also, we can offer other services while still there, like making you an extra key. You may also choose to change your locks if the issue is that. Rekeying is also an option. We can talk to you about all the possible security upgrades that could benefit your business. 

Most people rush to Google to find a solution when they are in a dilemma. Many blogs can guide you on how to pick locks or offer other remedies. However, you could end up compromising your locks and cause damage that was not necessary in the first place. By calling us, you get a professional job done in a short time.