Automotive Locksmith

The Responsibilities Of Automotive Locksmith

One of the worst things that could happen to you is being locked out of your car. You could have left your car keys within the car, or you may be unable to access the car for one reason or the other. Key2safe has the experience and can render all the services handled by a locksmith. We are specialized in this area and can help you gain back access to your vehicle. If you are looking for an automotive locksmith near me and you are in Seattle, WA, get in touch with us. 

What Key2safe Locksmith Do

We can handle many things for you that are related to cars. We can handle unlocking locked cars and allowing you back in. we can also handle the creation of new keys. This means we can cut your keys or make brand new ones when you have lost yours. There are instances wherein your keys break inside the locks, and we have the tools to remove them and replace the locks in the car doors. We can also replace the whole ignition system if that is needed. It is an all-around kind of thing. 

The auto industry has become very complex today. This is partly because of the great technological advances that have been made and the beefed-up security systems that are being installed. Automotive locksmith is highly demanded today. Our specialty is unlocking your vehicles and doing key replacements. 

By choosing key2safe, you can access mobile services and in-shop services. This involves things like duplicating car keys or fixing different issues. If you are stranded somewhere in the after-hours or locked out somewhere away from civilization, we will locate you and assist you.

Unlocking Cars

You may be wondering how we can open the car without having that key. Unlocking cars involves the use of different strategies. The method we use depends on the type of vehicle and the lock system installed in the car. 

Jimmying is one of the strategies that we can use, and it involves the use of slim Jim or a piece of metal and then sliding it between the weather stripping and windows to get to the lock. This is something most have only seen in movies, we can do it safely without causing damage to the vehicle. 

There are some cars with advanced systems, and they don’t use keys anymore. Unlocking such cars is done using keyless remotes. We reprogram the code to ensure that access is regained and you get back in the car. 

Broken Key Removal

It is common for car keys to break after constant wear and tear. You may also make a wrong turn and cause a snap. Since it happens, there are specialty services to handle it. It is often not the fault of the driver. When it breaks, removing it from within can be very hard. At such a time, you should get in touch with the best automotive locksmith Seattle WA. We have the right kits and tools to remove the key without leaving anything within. 


Obviously, there are a lot of locksmith companies are working in this area then you will feel some reasons for choosing Key2safe Locksmith for the services.

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